Feeling of Cotton Wool in the head…

“I’d love to cough on all of them!”

True enough, coughing irritation, itchy eyes, a dripping nose and scratches in the throat are all classic symptoms of everyday allergy sufferers. But there is help…!

The nose runs, the head booms, the eyes itch and you would like to scratch them from the inside. Sneeze attacks that are so strong that you can hardly keep the steering wheel straight while driving…this is how you hear allergy sufferers complain from January to December from Aspergillus to birch and grass to wheat.

Acupuncture treatments and herbal therapy are delivering a very useful approach, being successful and well known since a long time. Also prophylactically the Chinese medicine renders valuable assistance, if one begins in time with it.

The patients take less “antihistamines” and have a higher quality of life.

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