Skin – Cosmetic Acupuncture

Aesthetic acupuncture is a special form of acupuncture that treats the whole body, mind and soul.

Through individually selected points on the body and face it acts on the signs of the skin and musculature – caused by skin aging and facial expressions.

The face reflects the expression of the energy flows flowing in the human body, the so-called conductors or meridians. To an large extent, emotional states shape skin and facial expressions. Aesthetic acupuncture solves and balances both:

The signs of the skin and the emotional situation that led to it.

The blood circulation is stimulated, which contributes to the increased transport of nutrients and life energy (called “Qi”) from the blood into the body cells.

Collagen production can also be stimulated, which not only makes the skin look firmer, but also fresher and more radiant.

Thus health, wellness and optics are united.

Some patients have already found a gentle alternative to Botox in cosmetic acupuncture. A treatment lasts about sixty minutes and also includes massage techniques and care products. It is recommended to start with five to six treatments at intervals of one week each.

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