Headaches and migraines

Numerous clinical studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective option for the treatment of chronic headaches. This is because Chinese medicine focuses not only on the pain itself, but also on its origin.

Headaches have many causes. Frequently recurring headaches include migraine and tension headache. Patients are under constant stress and tension for various reasons.

Both migraine and tension headache can be described as stress headache. If the migraine appears predominantly one-sided and often in connection with nausea, the tension headache appears rather in the area of the back of the head as well as in the neck and shoulder region.

Headache from the point of view of Chinese medicine:

It is important to find out what caused the disharmony of one or more meridians.

Possible causes could be:

External causes: Climatic conditions such as wind or weather changes

Internal causes: Emotional stress

Other causes: General constitution, exhaustion/overexertion, nutrition, traumas

Sometimes, however, digestive disorders or menstrual cycles are also the cause of headaches (e.g. PMS – premenstrual syndrome). Severe flatulence, food intolerances or even food poisoning can also be associated with headaches.

Solution and therapy:

Here, Chinese medicine can intervene in a targeted manner with nutritional advice, heat applications and acupuncture and provide improvement.

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