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in our practice we combine traditional eastern medicine with modern western and scientific analysis. Our goal is to offer the most effective and accurate treatments at the cutting edge. Our philosophy and applied methods aim to treat common ailments as well as complex diseases in a natural and holistic way. The aim is to get to the root of the problem and solve it.
Preventive treatment helps to avoid the progression of serious diseases.
In this way, good therapy options can be found for both acute and chronic complaints.

The decisive factor is an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation.
In this way, treatments can achieve their optimal effect.

About acupuncture:

There are many effective pain treatment methods and medications to relieve chronic pain. We can safely say that everyone has used a pain-relieving medication or anesthesia, such as during a hospital stay. These types of acute pain treatments and chronic pain medications usually work by temporarily relieving pain while the natural healing process eliminates the actual painful symptom.

Acupuncture has been a very effective means of treating pain for a very long time. It works by stimulating the flow of Qi in the treated area. According to the theory of Traditional Eastern Medicine (TCM and TEM), pain is caused by a blockage in the flow of Qi. So by stimulating Qi in a particular painful area, we can relieve the pain. In Western terminology, we can say that acupuncture treatments raise endorphin levels, thus reducing the pain response of the nervous system.

Although scientific research is still in the process of finally explaining the mechanism behind acupuncture, qi treatments and other alternative pain management methods, there are a large number of studies that have already established meaningful efficacy of acupuncture for acute and chronic pain syndromes and symptoms.

As many patients who have had acupuncture treatments for low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraines and chronic headaches know, acupuncture is an excellent remedy for pain.

Compared to conventional painkillers and analgesics, acupuncture is a superior treatment method because it also stimulates the healing process of the pain origin itself, thus treating the pain fundamentally. In addition, conventional medicine often requires a constant increase in dose to achieve the desired effect, while acupuncture can be used as often as necessary without being toxic.

Ginkgo Practice for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

GINKGO Practice for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with locations in Düsseldorf and Aachen combines traditional Asian medicine with the knowledge and possibilities of Western medicine. The claim is to offer the most effective treatments on the newest conditions in individual adjustment to the respective patient.

GINKGO Practice for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine follows the philosophy to treat acute as well as chronic complaints and diseases in a natural and holistic way. The goal is to grasp and address the root of the problem.

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