Digestive disorders and flatulence

In the case of flatulence and digestive disorders, the stomach and intestinal wall have become “stuck” and “stuck in a traffic jam”.

Anatomically, these conditions of the digestive disorder are easy to understand. Both the stomach and the intestinal walls consist of soft tissue and muscles. They are therefore more susceptible to cramping and overstretching than the skeletal muscles. This is also due to the fact that the part of the sensory nerves that send the sensation to the central nervous system and thus to our consciousness is only very sparsely represented in the intestinal structure compared to the dense colonization in the skeletal muscles. The body is therefore not informed that a muscle is “pulled” in the stomach or intestine. Instead, the feeling arises “as if something has got stuck”.

Flatulence, on the other hand, is only a short “sticking” of the food. The stomach and intestinal walls are not quite as strained, but their contraction function is limited (contraction of the muscles to transport the food further).

From the point of view of Chinese medicine one speaks of a stagnation of the stomach qi or the spleen qi. The so-called “middle” is disturbed. The food is stuck and is no longer properly digested. This not only causes an unpleasant feeling of fullness, but often also heartburn, stomach pressure or flatulence. The circulation of Qi is disturbed and this causes pain and dysfunction of the localized area.

Therapeutic approach:

There is an important basic rule to resolve this congestion – relaxation!

It is comparable to the treatment of tense shoulder or neck muscles. Relaxation through rest, warmth and stretching for your intestines through heat therapy and acupuncture supplemented with herbs.

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