You feel permanently tired, exhausted and exhausted? Your battery is empty, because you feel obliged to do your job or your tasks in daily life beyond the normal level without receiving any praise or recognition?

What makes burnout dangerous is the creeping progression. Only after years of spending do you notice that the battery is empty. Similar to a virus that slowly but steadily settles and expands in the body. Until at some point the strength to live is lacking. Body, mind and psyche fail their service. One functions only.

Burnout does not only affect managers and politicians, but also people in care professions, caring relatives, teachers, athletes, and pastors are at risk.

In addition, there is a lack of balance between the problems of everyday life and the necessary leisure time.

Signs for Burnout are:

  • listlessness, irritability
  • insomnia
  • memory and concentration disorders
  • fear of failure
  • permanent fatigue, dullness
  • powerlessness, exhaustion
  • feeling of inner emptiness

From the perspective of Chinese medicine:

This is an infection that has “got stuck” in the body. The cause is usually moisture and the accumulation of moisture. Slag substances are produced.

The reason for the formation of moisture is, in addition to overwork, an irregular diet and the consumption of food with lots of sugar, white flour and dairy products.

The waste products are found exclusively in the connective tissue and lead to a variety of symptoms depending on where in the body the slagging starts.

If the connective tissue of the muscles is affected, a feeling of heaviness can occur in the muscles, pulling, numbness, dull to stabbing, wandering or locally fixed muscle pain. It then appears to the affected person that the discomfort is caused by changes in bones or muscles. However, these processes actually take place in the connective tissue of the respective organs.

Cause & Therapy

Burnout occurs when the deadline pressure in the job or the tasks are constantly growing and the pressure to perform overtaxes those affected. They no longer feel up to the demands and are increasingly determined by others.

Aggravating often comes a wrong and insufficient nutrition in addition.

Phases in which few complaints occur alternate with more acute phases. Here it is important to adjust the therapy accordingly. Especially in case of changing symptoms or acute complaints it is important to get help quickly to relax the situation.

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