Pregnancy and Birth

Acupuncture is increasingly in demand as an instrument for treatment in gynaecology and obstetrics.

The symptoms include, for example, morning sickness, urinary tract infections, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disorders as well as muscle and tendon complaints.

Another common problem is postpartum depression – or baby blues:

They can be overjoyed in one second, but angry or even depressed in the next. This can lead to loss of appetite, listlessness and lack of sleep. These symptoms usually disappear within 10 days of birth. However, some women experience a much more intense version of Baby Blues and it lasts much longer.

Cause from the point of view of Chinese medicine:

From the point of view of Chinese medicine:

The reason is excessive blood loss during childbirth, or women have previously had an existing shortage of blood. A “weak” heart (which is the ruler of the spirit and the blood) is no longer able to tame or protect the spirit; the woman becomes depressed and anxious.

Solution and therapy:

The specific treatment with Chinese medicine makes a holistic therapy possible, which often leads to immediate improvement of the complaints.

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