Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are usually tension or sprains of muscle structures. In the case of such soft tissue damage, appropriate physical or physiological therapy should therefore be combined with acupuncture treatments.

Most sports can lead to acute and chronic tendonitis without proper warm-up, when staying at certain heights or even due to the lack of stretching after training. Even extensive “walking” similar to or as in the 18-hole round of golf can, through permanent strain and tension, put the tendons around the ankle or heel into a state of inflammation of the tendon plate of the sole of the foot (plantar fasciitis) or Achilles tendonitis.

The prerequisite for this is often a wrong posture when running or moving in the exercise of sport. The knee is particularly often affected by this, reacting with pain and swelling, e.g. when there are many abrupt changes of movement due to accelerating and braking (as in tennis or squash) or increased running uphill and downhill (as in long runs or marathons in high-profile terrain).

It is the combination of physical therapies and acupuncture that usually makes rehabilitation much more effective and usually leads to a shorter recovery time, allowing the patient to return to their everyday training routine quickly.

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