Nutrition meets Vitality

Make the experience with tailor made nutritional concepts at GINKGO:

  • Nutrition is an essential factor in improving the quality of life. The criteria of healthy and sufficient nutrition are of outstanding importance, as they promote vitality and joy of living. The synthesis of new findings and old knowledge forms a good basis for the assessment of food.
  • It is our aim to individually design a nutrition consultation tailored to the patients, taking into account the findings of Chinese medicine and modern nutrition science. Thus, in the case of frequent clinical pictures such as allergies, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic intestinal diseases, etc., the diet can be integrated to support the therapy.
  •  We look forward to showing you a way to your well-being.

You will receive a selection of suitable foods:

  • to optimise your state of health
  • For weight reduction
  • For chronic diseases

If you would like to have more information, please get in touch with us and make an appointment for a personal consultation.
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