Fertility treatment

Chinese medicine offers various possibilities to increase the fertility of men and women in order to create better starting conditions for pregnancy.

First and foremost is the harmonization of the menstrual cycle and the improvement of sperm quality in order to create optimal conditions for natural conception after the causes of the previously unfulfilled desire to have children have been found from the Chinese point of view.

For this purpose, a diagnosis is made using the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine or the so-called disharmony pattern is identified, which is the cause of the existing complaints. A frequent pattern is a weakness of the functional circles spleen and kidney in the woman with the result that fertilization cannot take place or the implantation of the fertilized egg is not possible. The diagnostic methods used for this can be, among other things:  The tongue diagnosis, the pulse diagnosis the abdominal wall diagnosis

The treatment is performed with herbal recipes, acupuncture treatments (body acupuncture and ear acupuncture).

In addition, there will be a dietary consultation, during which you will draw up a list of the food and drinks you have consumed, and we will then explain which of them are beneficial for the goal and which are not.

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