The term nutrition is gaining more and more importance nowadays – not only from the point of view of naturopathy.

The way through the supermarket shelves resembles thereby ever more a non-transparent sign forest with references to food e.g. lactose, Histamin, and gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, fat and or sugar-free are…

Feeling well and healthy, how to eat well sometimes sounds like competitive sport in obtaining new knowledge and information and quickly you are overwhelmed with the flood of supposedly most current and groundbreaking knowledge.

A sensible diet should be seen in close connection with vitality and thus joie de vivre and forms a very important basis for an excellent quality of life.

The most important thing is first and foremost that food and the food prepared from it should taste good! Only then a feeling of well-being and comfort is created. To be full without feeling full and yet well nourished. Besides, food should be fun, right?

That’s exactly what matters to me. To teach you that eating should be fun!

In doing so, I refer to the millennia-old knowledge with just as much experience and knowledge of Chinese medicine. Exactly these experiences and realizations I integrate in meaningful combination with the food known and acquired with us in the west into an individual and on your health situation and needs co-ordinated nourishing consultation.

Part of my endeavour is above all to combine the findings of Chinese medicine with the findings of modern nutrition science.

Thus, frequent clinical pictures such as allergies, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, diabetes mellitus or chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases can be viewed from a Far Eastern and Western perspective and thus a well-founded diagnosis can be made which forms the basis of your individual nutrition program.

I look forward to showing you a tasty way to your inner and outer well-being.

Because “Sensible food is like feeling good at a holiday buffet”!

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